The 5 Different Money Personalities: Are You and Your Partner Compatible?

Lindsay Goldwert
January 21st, 2021 | 10min
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Can two people with different Money Personalities ever find true and lasting love? Of course they can.

It's actually a total myth that two savers will produce one happy thifty marriage, or that a saver and a spender will end up in divorce court. There's a lot more to whether you're a "saver" or a "spender." Your Money Personality can reveal the motives behind how and why you both spend and save the way you do.

Your Money Personalities have a lot more to do with values and than it does with who keeps the tightest budgeting spreadsheets. By understanding them, it may be able to help you both understand each other's money stories and ultimately open the doors for better communication.

Read more about the five different Money Personalities to see which one sounds like the most like you (and your partner).

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The Amasser

Your money personality description: You tends to be happiest when you've got lots of money at their disposal to spend, to save, and/or invest. Amassers tend to equate money with self-worth and power, so a lack of money may lead to feelings of failure and even depression.

If you hire a money advisor, your major concern will likely be finding investments with high rates of return, since you hope to make as much money as you can, as quickly as possible. You probably enjoy making your own financial decisions, so it may be quite difficult for you to give up a lot of control to money professionals or your partner.

Your money language: You're more drawn to facts and figures, rather than abstract ideas. In a partnership, you're a good judge of different ways to invest money because you can look at the options without letting feelings affect your judgement.

Your money strengths: You can be a good negotiator because you can step back and make a rational decisions. You can be happy (or at least don't mind) being the Chief Financial Officer of the household.

Your money weaknesses: You don’t always consider the emotional value of the product or service you’re buying. For example, buying a car might be a high-cost depreciating asset, but the flexibility you get from going on more adventures or the convenience of having a car may not rank highly in your analysis. You have a strong need for control, which can lead to trust issues or difficulty handing over responsibility to anyone else, like your partner or an advisor.

The YOLO Artist

Your money personality description This personality speaks for itself. You live your life by the ethos that you only life once. You enjoy spending your money on things that make you happy and get joy from buying gifts for others. You may have a hard time saving money or prioritizing the stuff you want now or later in your life. You may spend most or all of the money you earn, and you may even be in debt.

Your money language: You don’t enjoy looking at (or talking about) your finances because it makes you feel guilty. You like focusing on the things you’re going to buy or the experiences you’ll have. Being on a budget can feel suffocating, you need room to treat yourself throughout the month.

Your money strengths: You’re generous with your money with yourself and others in your life. You know how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest!

Your money weaknesses: It might be difficult for you to set aside money for joint goals, future-oriented purchases or long-term goals. You enjoy spending your money and may find yourself spending more than you earn. To keep yourself above water, you’ll need to come up with strategies to generate more income.

The Money Saint

Your money personality description: You believe that money is generally bad, and that it corrupts people. You respect people who lead modest lives or live happily on a low income. When you think about buying your first home, your dream is to own a tiny home, not a castle. If you were to come into a windfall (for example, through an inheritance), you’d likely be uneasy and even anxious at the thought of having so much money.

Some Money Saints might avoid investing their money, for fear that it might grow and make them even wealthier. If you decided to invest it, you’d prefer socially responsible funds that reflect your values and convictions and that contribute to causes you want to support.

Your money language: Your dreams revolve around living a simple life with few things, so you love to talk about ways to achieve that lifestyle. You like to have monthly contributions towards passion projects or charities you admire. You want to be with someone who appreciates living frugally and without an emphasis on money.

Your money strengths: You have noble goals for your money and are good at aligning your values to your way of life. You’re a big supporter of your community and willing to put your money where your mouth is. You’d happily marry someone in debt or without much income because money just isn’t important to you. Love is.

Your money weaknesses: You might worry about making ends meet, but it bothers you much less than other personalities. You sometimes struggle to understand other Money Personalities because of their “obsession” with money. Some Money Saints prefer not to live by everyone else's rules, like having a 9-to-5 or investing in the stock market. These differences might lead to conflict in a relationship, especially with Amassers or Goal Diggers.

The Goal Digger

Your money personality description: You love to save money and prioritize the hell out of your financial goals. You probably have a budget and may even enjoy creating a new one each month. You sometimes have a hard time spending money on yourself and your loved ones for luxury items, or even the basics.

When it comes to investing, you tend to be concerned less with liquidity and more with future security. You have "Saving for a rainy day" tattooed somewhere on your body (but... shh, no one will ever know where.) If you are an extreme saver, you may keep your money so close that you avoid investing it.

Your money language: You’re excited to have a monthly Money Date and see how you’re tracking toward them. You’re happy to budget but want to see what it’s in service of - meaning, what’s the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow? The best present someone could give you is helping you achieve your goals faster. You prefer to walk before you can run and like to track milestones towards your goals rather than just throwing your money around (even if you have a lot of it).

Your money strengths: You’re good at identifying and prioritizing financial goals. In fact, you help other people do the same! You’re good at budgeting for two and managing the systems and tools to help you stick to it, both individually and together as a couple. You’re a pro at delayed gratification. It’s all about the long-game to you!

Your money weaknesses: You have a hard time spending money on yourself or your partner. Not just luxury items but even really practical gifts. Many kinds of purchases may seem frivolous to you and sometimes cause you to harbor a little resentment against the (gasp!) spendthrift. You need to remind yourself that making money is in pursuit of living a happy life and not just saving. Try creating a “treat yourself” budget line item where you encourage yourself to spend on something for you and your SO.

The Money Passenger

Your money personality description: You tend to avoid money or be more willing to adapt and appreciate other, stronger Money Personalities. You’re also more carefree than other personalities, which can manifest in a few different ways, including choosing not to budget or maybe even forgetting to pay your bills.

Sometimes, money feels overwhelming to you, you’re never sure what to do, where to put it, how much to save. Questions around taxes and personal finance can feel more paralyzing than empowering. On the flip side, because you’re less concerned about money, you’re a lot less ruled by it

Your money language: You don’t want to talk about money often, or at all. You prefer to have someone else deal with your money chores so you don’t have to. In fact, you’d happily pay someone to do this. You’d rather not dive into the details on what’s going on with your money, but may be open to talking about high level goals. A monthly Money Date is your personal hell. You’d rather have quick and pointed conversations about money over coffee or while walking through the park, rather than long drawn out ones.

Your money strengths: You don’t let money rule you. You have other priorities and you’d rather focus your energy on them. You don’t stress the details or get hung up if someone doesn’t pay you back or keep tabs on expenses you split between each other. You’re happy to have someone else create the budget or money plan and try to stick within it.

Your money weaknesses: Because you avoid money details, you’re not great at taking advantage of it and finding ways to make it work in your favor. Even if you have money, you may avoid investing it because it seems like too much trouble. You might upset friends or significant others whom you’ve borrowed money from since you often to forget to pay them back. You may struggle during conversations about the future (example, planning for a new baby) because, well, you’d just rather not get into it.

Take the quiz: What's Your Money Personality?

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