Better technology. Honest advice.
Designed for the modern-day couple.

Helping couples master their money together.

Worry less, laugh more.

Zeta helps you stay on top of your finances together by helping you understand where your money is going.

One view of your shared finances.

Track all of your accounts – whether they’re your own or held jointly with your partner. We support over 10,000+ US institutions to give you the fullest financial picture.

De-mystify your spending.

Good finances start with knowing what you have and where your money is going. We'll break down your finances across your individual & shared pools.

Communicate better.

Stay on the same page about money! Drop memos on specific transactions, add monthly notes to remember what happened, or split spending as needed.

Live your best life.

Capture those dreams and share those goals with each other. We’ll help you break them down into timelines and monthly contributions.

Sharing Controls

Stay 100% in control of what is shared with your partner.

Shared & Personal Budgets

Track spending for personal & shared budgets.

Split Transactions

Split specific transactions to manage paying each other back.

Money Coaching

Access to free money coaching - if you want it.

Bill Reminders

Keep tabs on bills and get reminders to pay them.

Custom Categories

Track as many custom categories as you want.

Designed for #RelationshipGoals.

Zeta works for any couple who have both shared and individual expenses - no matter what stage you’re at.

Living Together?

Manage your individual and shared monthly spending together.

Getting Engaged?

Figure out how to merge your finances together and build a financial plan.

Married? Kids?

Set goals together and track the progress that you make towards them.

We take your security seriously.

Zeta uses state-of-the-art, bank-level security practices to protect your data. You can read more about our security practices here.

We implement strict authentication & data protocols so you're 100% in control.

We don't store your financial logins or credentials.

Our encrypted database ensures that your data stays your own.

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What our customers are saying...


Recently engaged


In this day and age, one of the biggest needs for couples is financial literacy. Zeta has been able to provide us with useful and interactive resources to help us properly understand how to work together on budgeting, savings, and goal tracking for our short term and long term goals.


Married for 3+ years

My significant other and I had had a few conversations about finances but we needed some help defining our goals and getting on the same page. Our CFP was instrumental in developing a plan for us and helping us create the habits to stick to it! We still check in with her every 6 months.



Living together for 4+ years


As we got older, it became increasingly clear that we needed to get serious about our finances, especially if we wanted a stable future together. Thanks to Zeta, we've been able to develop a budget, stick to it, and have saved enough to go on our first vacation together next year!

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