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What is Zeta's VIP Tier?

Discover the benefits and privileges offered in Zeta's VIP Tier

Updated at January 17th, 2024

Zeta Accounts that have a qualifying direct deposit or maintain a minimum daily average balance (as defined herein) will be upgraded to our VIP tier instantly. To qualify, your Zeta account must meet at least one of these requirements outlined below.

  • Your account must have at least one or more qualifying direct deposits* totaling $1,000 or greater within a calendar month.
  • Your account maintains a minimum daily average balance of $5,000 within a calendar month.

Your account is reassessed for the VIP tier every month, and as such, you’ll need to either continue direct depositing a total of $1,000 or more or maintain a minimum daily average balance of $5,000 within a calendar month to qualify for the VIP tier. If we do not detect one of these requirements in your account at the end of the calendar month, your VIP status will be removed until the qualifications are met again.

Payments which are deemed qualifying direct deposits are determined solely at the discretion of Zeta. Zeta may choose to remove VIP status from an account at any time based on our sole discretion.

Description of qualifications.

The following are considered as qualifying direct deposits:

  • Regular paychecks from employers**
  • Social security income
  • Government salary
  • Other government payments such as annuities 
  • Retirement payments 
  • Unemployment payments

**We do not support ACH transfers from self-employed individuals at this time. 

The average daily balance is calculated by adding the principal in the account for each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in the period. The period we use is the monthly statement cycle.



Accounts that qualify as part of our VIP tier, will unlock several benefits including:

1. Annual percentage yield (APY). You’ll earn (APY) in the calendar month following the one in which you qualify for the VIP tier in your Zeta Account. So if you qualify for VIP status in January, your account will be subject to APY starting in February. APY is limited to the account in which your VIP status is granted and applies to the entire balance across Available to Spend, Bill Reserve and Goals. You can find the most updated APY on our website or within the settings section of the Zeta app.

2. Mobile Check Deposit. You unlock immediate access to mobile check deposit and wires once you’ve been upgraded to Zeta VIP. However, these features may be limited or removed for any reason, at Zeta’s sole discretion.

3. Free check writing. Any check-writing fees assessed on your account will be waived during the period that your account has VIP status.

4. Higher limits. You may receive higher limits when moving money, depositing checks and sending wires as a Zeta VIP. However, these limits may be adjusted for any reason, at Zeta’s sole discretion.

5. Faster money movement via ACH. Transfers from Zeta VIP accounts will be automatically upgraded to same-day ACH, when applicable, allowing you to move money up to 30% faster.

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