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How long will it take to deposit money into our account?

Updated at October 18th, 2021

The wait times for the most common types of money transfers are listed as follows: 

Direct Deposit: 

We will post your direct deposit to your Joint Account as soon as it is received from your employer or payer. If you have questions about the timing of your direct deposit, contact your employer. We do not hold your deposit and we will send you a push notification as soon as it's posted. 

Bank Transfer Initiated Through the Zeta Joint Cards App: 

Up to five (5) business days (Monday-Friday) from the date the transfer was initiated (excluding federal holidays). Also, please note these funds will be held for 5 business days for accounts that are less 30 days old. Accounts that were opened more than 30 days ago will be held for 2 business days. 

Bank Transfers from an External Account: 

These deposits are typically received within three (3) business days from the date that the transfer was initiated by the originating bank. Refer to the originating bank for more information on their transfer time frames. 

Merchandise Returns: 

Merchandise returns can take from three-to-five (3-5) days to appear in your Zeta Joint Account. 

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