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How do I deposit money into my account?

Updated at September 27th, 2023

You can deposit money into your Zeta Joint Account a few different ways: 

How do I make direct deposits? 

To make direct deposits through your employer or payroll provider, provide them with your routing number and account number which can be found in the Zeta app under Move Money > Direct Deposit. You can also request the option to email the Direct Deposit form to yourself for easy forwarding to your HR team. From there, your paycheck will automatically post to your Zeta Joint Account as soon as we receive them. 

How do I transfer money in from an external account? 

The fastest way to transfer funds via ACH from an external account is to log into that external account's website or app and create a transfer to your Zeta Account there “pushing” the funds to your Zeta Account. This will avoid limits from our side and funds will arrive in as little as 1 business day. 

The next best way to fund your account is by linking an account at another financial institution and setting up a transfer. An external transfer takes between 2 - 3 business days to appear in your account, and the funds can be held for up to 2-5 business days depending on how long you've held an account at Zeta. To set up a transfer, go to Move Money > Transfers. 

How do I load funds onto my account/card instantly?

We offer push-to-card support. This means if you have funds at Cash App, Paypal, Venmo, Earnin', and many other services you can initiate an instant debit card funds transfer from those services to your Zeta Accounts using your Zeta debit card information. Those services may charge a fee to do so, imposed by that service at the time of transfer. Zeta does not charge a fee to use those services in this way.

How do I deposit a check into my Zeta Joint Account? 

If checks are your thing, you can deposit your check within the Zeta app by taking a photo of the front and back. To deposit a check go to Move Money > Mobile Check Deposit. Note, Mobile Check Deposit is available to VIP Accounts.

How do I deposit cash? 

Currently, you can deposit cash into your Zeta Account at Walmart Money Centers nationwide. 

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