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How do Goals work on my Zeta Account?

Updated at September 14th, 2023

Goals allow users to divide their savings into different buckets. We make it easier for both you and your partner to see how you're saving across multiple goals.

How do we set up a Goal?

  • Log into the Zeta app
  • Select Goal from the Overview page
  • Select the type of Goal you'd like to create eg. Vacation or Emergency Fund 
  • Add details about your goals such as a name, target date or target amount. (pro tip, if you enter a target amount and target date Zeta will recommend a savings plan).
  • Setup a method for funding your goal such as an auto-save program or a one-time transfer
  • We'll alert your partner about your new goal. They can also fund the goal if they would like.

What is a recommended savings plan?

We want to help families achieve their goals. When you enter a target date and amount, we'll recommend how much to save based on the schedule you choose. No need to do the math.

How do my partner and I add money to our goals?

When you create a goal, you'll be prompted to fund your goal using your preferred method. You can set up an auto-savings program or create a one-time transfer. If you prefer, you can also skip funding a goal for the time (this can be helpful if you'd like to list out your goals but aren't ready to start funding them yet).

Once you've added your first goal, your partner can start adding funds to this goal. Couples navigate this differently depending on how they manage money together - we've seen some couples who choose to contribute to the goal from each of their personal accounts while others choose to set up one auto-save program from their joint account. Ultimately, the decision is yours!

Do our goals earn interest?

Yes, the entire balance in your VIP Zeta Account earns interest2, including your goals. Because the interest rate can fluctuate based on the Federal Funds Rate, you can see your current interest rate within the Zeta app.

What is an archived goal?

If you no longer need your goal, you can archive it. Archiving your goal keeps the transaction history and goal details while decluttering your view of your current goals.

Will you stop us from spending money on our Goal?

No, we don't limit your ability to spend funds in your Goals. Funds in your Goals are available on your Zeta Joint Mastercard Debit Card.

Check out our video tutorial below!





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