Zeta’s 2021 Gift Guide: Items for Your Partner, Friends, & Family

Aditi Shekar
November 27th, 2021 | 10 mins
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Need a little inspiration this season? Here’s Zeta’s 2021 gift guide, with a little something for everyone in your life. May your season be merry and your stockings filled with a little extra cheer.

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1. Bodum teapot

Need to introduce a little calm in your relationship? There’s nothing a pot of freshly brewed tea can’t fix. This colorful teapot from Bodum will add a little joy to any conversation.

$30, buy it here.

2. Geometric candles

The fastest way to set the mood starts with the right light — specifically candlelight. These geometric candles aren’t just romance-inducing, but are also beautiful to look at. Not to mention they come in different shapes and colors.

Starting at $10.50, buy it here.

3. Kombucha Brewing Kit

This might seem a little left field, but what about turning a date night into a fun, shared learning activity? You can brag about this Kombucha Brewing Kit at your next outdoor garden party, or share your homemade kombucha with friends and family for the holidays.

$45, buy it here.

4. Pasta maker

If kombucha isn’t your thing, pasta might be! We’ve watched enough rom-coms to know making pasta together can make for a delicious evening. Turn it into a weekly thing where you test different pastas as a team or bring the maker out for next-level dinner parties with friends and family. Whatever your vibe, the pastabilities are endless.

$80, buy it here.

5. Foot massager

The next time your partner needs a little pick me up, hand them this foot massager and let it do the hard work. Guaranteed to deliver good vibes without too much effort.

$131, buy it here.

6. Mountain decanter

Another at-home date night? Switch it up, add a little role play, and this decanter will have your partner calling you Mr. Bond all evening. Don’t @ us.

$65, buy it here.

7. Chill Beer Glass

Covid-19 got you fed up? Us too! At least this beer glass helps you drown your sorrows in style. Or be a rebel and pour a cocktail in it. If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that no rules apply.

$25, buy it here.

8. DIY Guggenheim Museum architectural model

Teamwork makes the dream work, truly. Practice your skills by building this complex, detail-oriented but highly satisfying model. It’s like going on an adventure but in the comfort of your own home. And the best part is, you’ll get to show it off for years to come or even pass it off as a family heirloom.

$98, buy it here.

9. Incense Discovery Set

Need to up your meditation game? This Incense Discovery Set is a fun stocking stuffer for any family member. Share it with your most stressed family member or your favorite friend.

$35, buy it here.

10. Toolbox

A good marriage includes a great set of tools. Where better to house those tools than this highly functional and beautiful toolbox. There’s a tool pun in here somewhere, but we’ll save you the cringe and just remind you to appreciate quality over quantity.

P.S. You can also use this as an organizer for makeup, arts & crafts items, and way more.

$80, buy it here.

11. Minimalist wallet

Already got your Zeta Joint Card? Well then, you’ll want a nice wallet to keep it in. This minimalist option is slim enough to fit anywhere and elevated enough to look like you’re rolling in the Benjamins. May 2022 fill your wallet with some extra dough.

$25, buy it here.

12. Goal Digger hat

This is our official Zeta swag pick for this year’s gift guide! Gold diggers, meet goal diggers. This hat takes our love for puns to the next level. Zeta swag for the win!

$25, buy it here.

13. Car rooftop tent

Wanna live that van life? Step one is buying a solid bed. This option is flex enough to work for many car types and delivers enough room for two or more, irrespective of what your family looks like. Happy adventuring!

$2,799, buy it here.

14. Monthly fresh flowers from Fresh Sends

What’s better than buying your significant other flowers? Doing so on a monthly basis! This monthly delivery is sure to surprise and delight any family member. And hey, don’t forget, men like flowers too.

$55 monthly, buy it here.

15. Pop-up date nights

One of our favorite romance stories from 2021 is about a couple that documented their pop-up date nights across NYC. This light table-and-chairs set will make that easy to do while still looking Instagram-worthy.

$110, buy it here.

16. Shower therapy

Can you tell we’re on a little “learn to chill” kick? These essential oil-infused aromatherapy tablets turn your shower into a mood-transforming spa. Go ahead, try it and tell us what you think.

$15, buy it here.

17. Custom neon sign

What better way to say “I love you” than in screaming bright letters with your partner’s name on it? This is our over-the-top pick for this year’s gift guide, and we stand behind it. (We’re definitely getting one for our virtual office party…)

Starting at $228, buy it here.

18. Face bookend vases

A little something special for the book worm in your life. These face bookend vases are functional, cute, and a little extra.

$99, buy it here.

19. Paddle set

Couples who play together, stay together. Add a little fun and games to your life with this bougie paddle set. Use any table, make your own rules, just have a lotta fun.

$50, buy it here.

20. Omsom dinner date

Spice up your next at-home dinner date with this bundle from Omsom. Simple, tasty and low-effort makes planning the next date night a breeze. Bonus points for pairing dinner with an activity, like building the DIY Guggenheim Museum Architectural Model or playing with the bougie paddle set.

$55, buy it here.

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