Banking for Two

Easy setup. No fees. And a built-in financial assistant to help you pay bills, automatically save, and stay on track.

A shared account for modern couples.

Hate keeping tabs? So do we. We’ll automatically split your shared bills and set aside money to pay them on time. Say bye to late fees and bickering.

We'll split & pay your bills

Outsource the guesswork to us. We’ll send you both a money plan before the month starts. Know exactly where your money will go and what's safe to spend.

Build a better game plan

Tell us what you’re saving for and we’ll help you get there via a high-yield savings account. Saving for multiple goals has never been this easy.

Save together for the life you want

Want to offload more of your money chores? Zeta Concierge can help you with that. You’ll have a dedicated team of humans and robots to answer your money questions.

A Money Concierge


Freeze & Unfreeze

Misplaced your card? Instantly freeze it in our app to prevent your dog from ordering more cookies.


No Fees

No account minimums. 

No maintenance fees. 

No overdraft fees.


Instant Notifications

Get an alert whenever either of you spends or receives money.


We take your security seriously.

Privacy & Protection

Your deposits will be FDIC insured up to $500,000 by our issuing bank.

Security You Can Trust

Bank-level security and encryption that ensures that ensures your data stays your own.

Zeta uses state-of-the-art, bank-level security practices to protect your data.

Support You Can Count On

Our dedicated support team is here to answer your questions whenever you need help.


Ready to Sign Up?

You are joining a waitlist for Zeta Shared Accounts. We will keep you informed about our plans to launch this account. Any premium products included will be an optional add-on to the core account.

The Zeta Shared Account will be offered by the issuing bank, Member FDIC. Zeta Help Inc. will be a service provider of the issuing bank. All deposit accounts of the same ownership and/or vesting held at the issuing bank are combined and insured under an FDIC Certificate. The Zeta Debit Card may be used everywhere where debit cards are accepted.

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