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What is a Flex Reserve?

This article explains what a bill reserve is and how it helps your family plan your finances

Updated at September 14th, 2023

The Bill Reserve was created to help families avoid missing payments on their bills. You can set aside funds for upcoming bills and track which are paid and which are still outstanding. The Bill Reserve uses sub-accounts, like pockets or envelopes, where you can deposit and withdraw funds specifically earmarked for bills. By allocating funds for your bills, Zeta can show you how much money is available to spend once you have paid your bills.

How does Bill Reserve work?

Zeta creates a sub-account (a pocket or envelope) when you add a bill. With this sub-account, you can completely control how much you set aside at your chosen cadence using transfers.

To set up your Bill Reserve on the Zeta app:

  • Select Bill Reserve from the Overview page. 
  • Tap the "+" to add a bill, and tell us when it's due, how much you'll owe, and how frequently it recurs.

Repeat these steps for each bill you would like to add. Your bill will now display on your Bill Reserve page. We'll also send your partner a note to inform them about the new bill.


How do I deposit/withdraw from Bill Reserve?

Your Bill Reserve sub-accounts are just like Goals. You can set up a transfer to deposit or withdraw funds at your chosen cadence.

To move money to/from the Bill Reserve.

  • Go to your Bill Reserve. 
  • Tap a bill and select deposit or withdraw.
  • Tell us the amount and cadence for the transfer. 

What happens when our Bill Reserve is running low?

If your bill is due within 14 days, and you don't have enough funds to cover it, Zeta will notify you to deposit to the bill's sub-account.

How do I mark a bill paid?

When the transaction posts for your paid bill, tap "Spent From" and select the associated bill. This will mark the bill paid and deduct the amount from the sub-account balance. 

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