Zeta Electronic Records (E-Sign) Agreement/Consent

Electronic Records (E-Sign) Agreement/Consent

Please read this Electronic Records (E-Sign) Disclosure and Consent (“Disclosure”) carefully and keep a copy for your records. This Disclosure allows us to provide you with electronic versions of important notices, documents, and other communications (“Materials”) associated with your relationship with Piermont Bank ("Piermont") and ZetaHelp, Inc. (“Zeta”). You must consent to receiving these Materials before we can provide them to you electronically. Your consent will apply to your enrollment in the Services and any Materials we provide or make available to you.  Agreeing to accept disclosure electronically means that once the Bank presents them to you, and if necessary, you click to accept them, they will apply to you and your accounts.





Welcome to Zeta’s Joint Cards Program (the “Services”). As part of the enrollment process and in order to use the Services, you must agree to the terms and conditions governing the use of the Services. To enroll in the Services, you must consent to receive all notices, disclosures, and communications (“Materials”) relating to the Services electronically either by email, mobile application, or by notification that disclosures are available on a website maintained by Zeta. We will need your consent to provide you with these Materials electronically. Therefore, please review the terms of this Electronic Records Disclosure and Consent (the “Disclosure”) prior to giving your consent, and retain a copy of this Disclosure for your records.


Materials You Will Receive Electronically.

By providing your consent under this Disclosure, you agree that, except where required by law, Piermont and/or Zeta will provide you with all notices, disclosures, and communications (collectively, “Materials”) solely in electronic form, including, but not limited to:

  • The  Joint Cards Program Disclosures and Agreement, including any addenda or supplement that we may provide to you;

  • Monthly account statements;

  • Any receipts we are required to provide to you for transactions you conduct through us;

  • IRS and other tax forms and documents; and

  • Communications from us concerning the Services.


Paper Copy of Materials.

You agree that we have no obligation to provide you with Materials in paper form, although we reserve the right to do so at any time. We will only provide paper copies upon request where required by law. To request a paper copy of Materials that we are required by law to provide, contact our Customer Service department at vip@askzeta.com. If we provide you with paper copies of Materials, we will not charge you any fees for doing so.


Withdrawing Your Consent.

If you later decide you do not want to receive the Materials electronically, you may withdraw your consent by contacting our Customer Service department at support@askzeta.com. If you withdraw your consent, we reserve the right to limit, close, or terminate any or all of your Services and the legal validity and enforceability of prior Materials delivered to you in electronic form will not be affected.


Updating Your Contact Information.

If you consent to receive the Materials electronically, we may contact you at the email address you have provided to us. Please be certain that we have your correct and updated email address. If you change your email address, you may provide your new email address to us by contacting our Customer Service department at the email listed above.


System Requirements to Access the Information.

To receive an electronic copy of the Materials, which will be provided to you in HTML format, you must have the following equipment and software:

You must have a personal computer, mobile device, or other access device that is capable of accessing the Internet (e.g., you must have a modem and available phone line, a cable Internet connection or some other means of access to the Internet, and you must have an active account with an Internet service provider). Your access to this page verifies that your system meets these requirements.

You must have an Internet web browser which is capable of supporting 128-bit SSL encrypted communications, which requires a minimum web browser version of either Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 9, Mozilla Firefox 21, Google Chrome 27+, or Safari on Mac OS X 10.8 and your system must have 128-bit SSL encryption software. Your access to this page verifies that your browser and encryption software meet these requirements. 

You must have sufficient storage space to save Materials we provide to you, or the capability to print such Materials from your computer, mobile device, or other access device.


Systems Enhancements.

If the form of the Materials changes to as to require different or additional hardware or software, or upgrades, plug-ins or enhancements to the hardware or software used by you (all such changes referred to as a “Systems Enhancement”), we will notify you and you may either terminate the Service or upgrade your hardware and/or software as required by the Systems Enhancement. If the Fintech or Bank determines that the need for a Systems Enhancement creates a material risk that you may not be able to access or retain the Materials electronically, the Fintech or Bank will notify you and allow you to either: (a) withdraw your consent to the Service or (b) re-confirm your consent to receive the Materials in a manner that reasonably demonstrates that you have upgraded your hardware or software to conform to the required Systems Enhancement. If you choose to withdraw your consent, or you fail to re-confirm your consent, the Fintech or Bank will terminate the Service. 


By acknowledging that you have read and agreed to this Agreement and proceeding to apply for the Program, you are first giving your affirmative consent to our providing electronic Materials to you as described in this Disclosure, and then to the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the Zeta Joint Card app , as further described below in the Zeta-Piermont Joint Account Agreement. You further agree that your computer satisfies the hardware and software requirements specified above and that you have provided us with a current email address to which we may send electronic Materials to you.

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