Zeta Money Manager

A free budgeting app designed for couples

Zeta helps you stay on top of your finances together.
Money talks have never been this easy.


One View Of Your Finances

Track all of your accounts - whether they're personal or shared. We support over 10,000+ US institutions to give you the fullest financial picture.

De-Mystify Your Spending

Healthy finances start with knowing where your money is going. We'll break down your finances across your individual & shared pools.

Live Your Best Life

Stay on the same page about your personal and shared goals. We'll help you connect your monthly spending to the dreams you want to achieve.

Designed For Couples

Communicate like a pro! Message your partner on specific transactions or split the purchase to keep a tally. You can even manage your bills together on Zeta.

Features For Days

The Zeta Money Manager also comes with these features, all for free:

Sharing Controls

Stay 100% in control of what is shard with your partner. Balances, transactions or both.

Shared & Personal Budgets

Track spending for personal & shared budgets, whichever way you manage your finances.

Custom Categories

Track what matters to you, in whichever categories you want. Our fave is chocolate therapy.

Split Transactions

Split transactions to manage paying each other back. Easily send payment using Venmo or PayPal.

Memos & Messages

Ask questions or keep notes about specific transactions. You can message back and forth.

Bill Reminders

Keep tabs on bills and get reminders to pay them - to you, both of you, whatever works best.


Plan for your goals and track your progress. One view of both your personal & shared dreams.

Manual Accounts

Use Zeta without connect your accounts. Manually add transactions or manage cash.

How It Works

Ready to get started? Here's what to expect.


Add your accounts.


Invite your partner.


Keep tabs on your money.


Optimize for your goals.

We Take Your Security Seriously

Zeta uses state-of-the-art, bank-level security practices to protect your data.
You can read more about our security practices here.

We don't store your financial login or credentials.

Our encrypted database ensures that your data stays your own.

We implement strict authentication & data protocols so you're 100% in control of who has access to your data.

What Couples Say About Us

Real couples, real reviews.

I love your service...my wife and I are finally having real conversations about spending!


Now that we've found @AskZetaApp - geeked out on a new era of our personal finances tonight over glasses of pinot. Yes, this is a thrilling Tuesday night (seriously!). 🍷 💑 💵


I was thinking of making a second Mint account for joint expenses, but this is way better


My boyfriend and I have been using the website for a few months and find it so useful. Zeta does an absolutely excellent job at tracking and reconciling shared expenses as well as magically identifying our monthly bills. I'd been managing our expenses for a couple years and Zeta makes the provess easy and transparent


I've had the best experience working with Zeta. Talking about finances has always made me feel overwhelmed. Zeta's coaching sessions made a usually stressful process feel manageable. I've left each conversation feeling like I've made small wins and can keep growing financially in a way that is realistic, all with a little laughter & encouragement.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

How does Zeta's Money Manager work?

Zeta's Money Manager can be used by linking your accounts automatically or entering your information manually. You can add your various accounts (checking, saving, credit card, investing and even real-estate) which then allows us to provide you with an analysis of your finances each month. We connect your accounts with your significant other (while controlling how much you share) and crunch the numbers based on whether they're personal or shared accounts. Then, we provide you with monthly insights into how your finances are tracking and what you can do to improve them.

What makes Zeta's Money Manager different from other budgeting apps?

What types of couples does the Money Manager work for?

Do I have to link my account for the Money Manager to work?

How does sharing financial data work with my partner?

Laugh More, Worry Less

Zeta's here to help you master money as a team, no matter
what shape or size it is.

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