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About Zeta

What is Zeta?

Zeta is a mobile and web app that helps you and your partner track your finances together. Our apps allow you to share your finances with each other, track your overall net worth, review your monthly spending, and get better at managing money together. All with 100% control over what you do or don't want to share!

Is Zeta really free? How does Zeta make money?

Yes! We believe personal finance is a critical life skill and we'd love to make healthy finances as accessible and affordable to as many couples as we can. For now, Zeta makes money when you give us an optional tip or click on an offer within the app. In the future, we'll offer paid services for you to opt-into but the core app will remain free.

How does Zeta work?

Zeta is able to safely pull up-to-date data from your various accounts and provide you with an analysis of your finances each month. We help you connect your accounts with your significant other (while controlling how much you share) and crunch the numbers based on whether they're personal or shared accounts. Then, we provide you with monthly insights into how your finances are tracking and what you can do to improve them!

What makes Zeta different from other apps?

Zeta has two important points of distinction from other apps:

1) Zeta is focused on couples, not individuals. We provide guidance on how to merge your finances, help you track those shared finances, and reduce the accounting you do at the end of the month! 

2) We've aligned our business model to our customers' needs which includes being transparent about how we're making money. We won't sell your data. Instead, we will give you the option to sign up for additional features that come with a small monthly fee.

Our goal is to help you master your personal finances so your relationship can thrive.

Sign Up Process

Do my partner and I have to sign up together?

While Zeta works better with both partners on board, you’re able to use the app on your own. If you do choose to sign up together, it's best for one person to sign up and invite the other. This allows us to easily link your accounts together so you can both access Zeta from your different perspectives.

Is Zeta available on mobile?

Yes, we offer both iOS and Android apps! You can download iOS here and Android here.

Does Zeta work for my bank?

Probably! We support over 10,000 banks in the US & Canada including Bank of America, Chase, American Express and PayPal.

Does Zeta work outside the United States & Canada?

Not yet! For now, Zeta is focused on helping couples located in the US & Canada. Please note, you will be blocked from creating an account if you do not reside in these locations. 

What is a Zeta VIP?

Glad you asked! Zeta VIP status is granted via our customer referral program. As a Zeta VIP, you'll have access to secret features like extra reporting, downloads and more. We just launched this program so there are a lot more benefits to come!

My Partner

How can I get my partner involved?

Zeta is designed for couples! If you're the Chief Financial Officer in your relationship, you can link all your accounts (individual or shared) and send updates to your partner. If you each manage your money separately, you can create individual accounts and share specific information with each other. Having both partners represented allows us to give you the most accurate financial picture and keep you both informed on what's going on with your money.

How does sharing financial data work with my partner?

You're 100% in control of how much or how little financial data you want to share with your partner. When you add an account, you have the option to select whether that account is personal or shared. All shared accounts are automatically shared with your partner whereas personal accounts can be exposed based on your preferences. When sharing personal accounts with your partner, we let you pick whether to expose balances and/or transactions.

What happens if I no longer want to share financial information?

In the event that you want to stop sharing information with your partner, you can do so instantaneously through the "breakup" button your profile. You can even add new partners if you'd like.

I really want to use Zeta but not sure my partner will be up for it?

We can work with that! The most helpful way to get your partner on board is to show them the value that a tool like Zeta can create for them. Try out Zeta yourself and show them how it's helped you with your finances. Not everyone is comfortable talking about money so it's important to let each of you manage money how you prefer. If there's ever anything we can do to help, drop us a note at


How secure is Zeta?

Zeta has bank-level security built into our app. We connect with the accounts your authorize and safely pull real-time data from them. We DO NOT store your login information or have the ability to move your money around. Your money is yours alone!

Why does Zeta need my bank login information?

We ask for this information so we can connect to our third-party tool to pull data from your accounts and give you real-time insight into your finances. Please note that some financial institutions are slower to send us data than others, so there may be a delay in us receiving transactions from your institution.

What does Zeta do with my data?

We use the data you provide us with to give you insights into your finances. Our goal is to make financial data, which can feel overwhelming to many, easier to understand. We then use this data to feed our algorithms which in turn share insights on how you can get more out of your money. We DO NOT sell your data to anyone else. We may share some limited data (such as name and email) with certain services which you can read more about in our privacy policy. If you have any questions, drop us a note!

Want to know more about our security practices?

We wrote a security manifesto here. It walks you through our security protocols in detail so you know exactly what you're getting into.

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